5 Causes of Sleep Disorders ( and The Solutions)

Millennials and modern society have a lot to do with insomnia nowadays.

During a period of the Covid pandemic, we must have a healthful sleep to stay healthy. Yet, it cannot be denied that it is difficult to get to sleep from time to time.

This time, we will look at the causes of sleep disorder and ways to address it to not worsen.

1. Stress

Stress can make it difficult for us to sleep

A lot of people find themselves stressed when they have a lot of thoughts. A large number of stressed-out individuals find it difficult to sleep. Examine why you’re so stressed out, identify sources of stress, and figure out how to deal with it.

2. The room is too bright

The light of the room can influence melatonin development, which in turn may decrease your ability to sleep.

Ideal sleeping conditions need total darkness. If you hate sleeping in the dark, You can purchase a bedside lamp that you can easily control for bedtime illumination. 

3. Too much caffeine consumption

Caffeine like coffee and tea produces an energetic reaction in the body. That has the side effect of making it difficult to get to sleep. The body appreciates caffeine, but if it interferes with sleep, you should take it in moderation.

4. Side effects of drugs

Different types of medications have various side effects on sleep. Not to worry, as your condition improves and you stop the treatment, and you’ll soon fall asleep soundly.

5. Lots of exposure to blue light 

In the age of the internet and social media, blue light can be most often encountered by younger generations and modern people. TVs, computers, and smartphones are examples of blue light. Which makes sleep challenging to achieve.

It is suggested that you turn off any electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime. You must remove all of your gadgets from your bed to get a decent night’s sleep. Rest, so you don’t disturb your phone while you’re trying to rest. Use airplane mode when it is not in use or disable it during sleep.

to be said

You can’t sleep because of everything mentioned above. Learn through this guide, and you will be able to sleep soundly.