3 Health Reasons Why We Should Not Wake Up Immediately

We tend to sleep even when we are busy, busy with classes, meetings, or involved in an activity. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you should know it’s a bad idea.

Suddenly you have a dark view of things when you stand or sit. No, get back to your seat. You’re doing it wrong. Until now, we were ignorant of how this could be done.

Why, huh? Here’s a couple of reasons.

1. Our bodies need preparation to wake up

We would stand on our feet and not feel light-headed if there were no pressure in the system. All the blood in your veins will be trying to squeeze out during the night will be forced into your feet as you sit and stand up. If you get up to leave suddenly without taking time to eat, you will feel light-headed or nauseous.

2. Having low blood pressure 

When you lie down or wake up, the arteries constrict or expand. You will get into even more trouble if you have weak blood pressure and shortness of breath.

3. May cause positional vertigo

Positional vertigo is the part of the inner ear that is related to the body’s balance. It feels like you’re spinning around.¬†

When you turn your head too quickly from side to side, you get spin dizziness. Or a feeling of spinning when you’re not actually there.

What can we do to stay asleep and awake at the right times?

Proper light sources are generally recommended. But it is also essential to get the amount of sleep you need to do your best. To go back to sleep, close your eyes, sit or lie quietly for at least five minutes.

If possible, drink a glass of warm water.